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Baseus Penguin Gravity Phone Holder

Baseus Penguin Gravity Phone Holder

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Full product name: Baseus Penguin Gravity Mount

– Suitable for: Mobile phones between 4.0 – 6.5 inches.
– Mount type: Air-conditioning vent clip.
– Material: Aviation grade aluminum alloy, acrylic, ABS & high grip silicone

 Main features:
– Quiet Gearless Gravity Clamping:
We have designed an updated and more reliable gravity system that allows users to place their smartphone in the mount holder resulting in the closure of both sides braces gaining a strong and firm grip of the smartphone, this gearless system enables the mount holder to be incredibly quiet and stable while providing a strong and reliable experience for the user making it ideal to use with one hand.

Silicone Pad Protection:
The three aluminium braces of the car mount holder have been designed with high-grade silicone padding preventing the smartphone from ever getting scratched, the unique silicone grade we have used is very high in friction, ensuring that the smartphone remains perfectly gripped and secured by the mount holder, without any chance of having the smartphone unintentionally fall or slip out of the mount holder.

– Designed To Work With Cases:
We have designed this holder to function perfectly with protective.

– One-Handed Operation:
We have designed this product for single-handed operation, the user can subsequently easily install and remove the smartphone from the mount holder with just one hand.

– Aluminium Usage:
We have used high-grade, CNC milled and polished aluminium to create all three braces, we have put the aluminium through an anodizing process that creates a smooth, elegant and refined surface, such an alloy is incredibly durable and is designed to withstand long term user abuse, we have also used lightweight and durable ABS to create the outer shell and air-conditioning vent clip of the holder mount.

– Reserved Charging Connector Space:
We have designed the bottom aluminium brace with a dedicated opening for wired charging, enabling users that are in a rush to use a cable to charge the smartphone while it is placed in the holder mount (this is a convenient design feature as all wireless induction charging technology charges slower than traditional wired charging).

– Highly Adjustable:
We have used a ball bearing to connect the mount to the vent clip, this ball bearing allows the mount to be highly adjustable thus enabling users to conveniently adjust the viewing angle.

 Please note:
– All of our vehicle mount holders have gone through rigorous quality control processes designed to make sure that our customers receive a product which can be relied on.
– Baseus and its distributor are not liable for misuse of Baseus products.

 What’s in the box
1x Baseus Penguin Gravity Car Aircon Vent Smartphone Mount Holder

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