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Porodo Gaming RGB High Definition Headphone

Porodo Gaming RGB High Definition Headphone

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  • Product: Gaming RGB High Definition Headphone

  • Model: PDX411-BK

  • Connection Type: USB

  • Color: Black

  • Audio Jack: 3.5mm

  • Features

  • 1. Noise-Cancelling

  • 2. USB Plug

  • 3. 3D Dimensional

  • 4. Omni-Directional Microphone

  • 5. RGB Breathing Lights

  • 6. Super-Lightweight.

  • Close your eyes feel the place of your game around you and start playing with a 3D sound all with RGB high definition headphones, enjoy noise-canceling mic and talk with your friends fluently also enjoy RGB breathing lights and play stylish, start playing professionally. Porodo Gaming RGB Headphone comes with Noise Cancelling and it has been designed to be 3D Dimensional gaming headset. Fell the light by the RGB Breathing light in this gaming headset. You can find 3.5mm Dual audio jack in it. The omni-Directional Microphone option in the Porodo Gaming RGB Headphone means that Omnidirectional microphones are advantageous over unidirectional microphones in that they allow greater flexibility in the directionality of sound pick-up. Stated again, a user can speak into any side of the microphone, and it will still pick up good gain from all sides.
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